Bringing Financial Wellness into the Open

Being a good boss or supervisor requires a broad spectrum of skills. On the one hand, it’s important to have basic management skills to oversee workloads and ensure that the work gets done.

On the other hand, you’re managing people. At any time, they could be juggling a variety of challenges you know nothing about. To help your employees succeed at both work and life, it helps to incorporate “emotional intelligence” into your management style.

Emotional intelligence refers to a variety of skills where you manage and control your own emotions, listen actively and emphatically to others, and work together toward finding realistic solutions.

Whether your team is remote, in the office, or hybrid, displaying emotional intelligence can help you create an environment where employees feel safe asking questions and seeking support about work-related challenges—and challenges that may interfere with work.

As for your employees’ challenges that may interfere with work, you can simply refer them to their Assistance Program.

While most people know that their Assistance Program supports mental health, they may not be aware that it can also help them manage financial challenges.

It helps when leadership teams can bring financial wellness into the open. If you hear that someone is struggling with budgeting or perhaps buying a house or car, let them know their Assistance Program is here to help.

People can find helpful information and resources by accessing their online member portal. They can also schedule a consultation with a financial expert.

To truly succeed at work and in life, people need a multifaceted approach to benefits that supports mental health, physical health, and finding resources to manage family and life’s many responsibilities.

Financial wellness is part of our whole health approach to benefits. Make sure your employees know about this important resource.

Also, keep in mind that your Assistance Program is here to help leadership teams manage their concerns. Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager for guidance and support.

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