Back-To-School Toolkit: Empowering Working Parents

With the 2022 back-to-school season underway, many working parents are extra busy as they shop for school supplies, fill out paperwork, and help their kids adjust to new environments, routines, and schedules.

Even for the most organized families, this transition comes with challenges. To help alleviate stress, it helps when managers and supervisors can provide empathy and support. The following tips and resources can help:

Encourage communication
The first few days of school often come with glitches. Encourage parents to let you know specific start dates so you can plan accordingly, perhaps avoiding early morning meetings or big deadlines during that week.

Help parents help themselves
Remind parents that their Assistance Program offers a great deal of online information and resources, which they can access through their member portal and app. The following articles are a few examples of the helpful information that’s available:

Help parents find professional support
It is normal for parents and kids to feel increased stress, anxiety, and frustration during this transition. However, if these concerns don’t resolve after a few weeks, remind parents that their Assistance Program offers short-term counseling. Services are free, confidential, and available for parents and kids. Parents can call for referrals or fill out an online form. You may need to remind parents of the Assistance Program’s toll-free number, website URL, and code.

Keep in mind that your Assistance Program also offers a wide range of leadership support services, including training services and consultations. Please reach out to your account manager if you’d like additional support.