3 Tips to Spark an Interest in Lifelong Learning

The back-to-school season is here! And it’s a good reminder for all of us to stay curious, appreciate the excitement of learning new things, and to find inspiration in the world around us.

Studies show that ongoing learning can help strengthen your mental health, promote personal growth, and help you adapt to our ever-changing world. It also helps you build self-confidence, manage stress, and excel at work and life.

But how do you make time for this, especially as a busy adult? Here are a few tips to help you build lifelong learning into your routine.

  1. Think about your interests and goals. Gather books, articles, podcasts, or tutorials on your chosen topic. When you’re ready, you’ll have interesting materials waiting for you.
  2. Be intentional. Schedule time for learning and create a comfortable place. You may even want to schedule this on your calendar.
  3. Create a support network. Learning can be challenging—even for adults. It’s helpful to reach out for support—to friends, mentors, managers, or even your kids.

Keep in mind that your Assistance Program also provides support, including referrals for life coaching to help you reach personal, professional, or academic goals. It also includes an online member portal, providing access to many tools and learning resources.

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3 Tips to Spark an Interest in Lifelong Learning – Insights Newsletter