Talk To Your Boss Like A High Performer

As HR professionals, our clients continually seek our advice about how to improve job performance, both for themselves and for their employees. One of the most basic solutions – one that is frequently overlooked – is simply having effective, day-to-day employee-manager conversations.

4 Performance Targets that we all are under growing pressure to satisfy. Whether you work in a for-profit or not-for-profit setting, you and your clients need to continually provide increasing levels of:

  • Value – accurately identifying customers’ expectations,
  • Speed – continually finding the most efficient ways to fulfill those expectations,
  • Predictability – reliably planning how to deliver on your commitments, and
  • Accountability – doing whatever it takes to successfully execute those plans

In Talk to Your Boss Like a High-Performer, we’ll then explore 7 Conversation Behaviors that help enable you and your clients to satisfy these needs on a regular basis. Regardless of industry, high-performers consistently:

  1. Take the initiative – They don’t wait for instructions or resources; they go and get them.
  2. Come prepared – They show how and why they’re already taking steps to get the work done.
  3. Align priorities – They confirm they and the boss are mutually supporting each other.
  4. Get to the point – They boil broad plans and ideas into concise summaries.
  5. Talk frequently – They ensure frequent, high-quality touchpoints with the boss.
  6. Tell the truth – They get issues out in the open, so they can be managed efficiently.
  7. Ask for feedback – They demonstrate their commitment to learning and growing.

As a leadership and organizational development consultant for the past 30 years, I’ve seen how these seven essential behaviors drive success across the energy, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, financial services, education and other industries.

We all operate in an increasingly competitive landscape. None of us can afford the uncertainty, added cost, and delays that are created by poor communication. The organizations that continue to grow and thrive — and the people who do so with them — are the ones that commit to continually pursuing better, faster and more reliable results for their customers. That successful dynamic isn’t a mysterious formula; it’s rooted in the basic, everyday conversations that employees and managers conduct with one another. And it’s a simple discipline to adopt.

Talk to Your Boss Like a High-Performer is a highly interactive session. Come prepared to share your questions and ideas with your colleagues. You’ll come away with immediate, practical actions to:

  • Gain leadership support for ideas
  • Adapt quickly to changes in the business
  • Prevent small issues from becoming big problems
  • Accelerate career development


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