Regulatory Compliance Exams

Regulatory Compliance Exams


AllOne Health® proudly employs certified occupational health physicians and nurses to provide expertise in all federal and state regulatory compliance exams such as OSHA, DOT, FMLA, ADA and Workers Compensation compliance exams.

Our proprietary technology allows real time tracking and reporting and automated processes for scheduling, notifications and monitoring. It also has integration capabilities with HRIS and ATS systems in addition to privacy compliant record management and ISO 27001 Security Certification.

Medical Surveillance  

AllOne Health® medical monitoring program is handled by the largest and most awarded team in the business; industry specific screening tests and employee medical surveillance compliance exams include but are not limited to:


  • Heavy Metal Surveillance
  • Silica Exposure Surveillance
  • Respiratory Compliance Exams
  • Audiometric Exams
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Electrocardiogram
  • OGUK Exams

DOT Exams & Testing

AllOne Health® intimately understands the ins and outs of DOT compliance and compliance exams – and exactly how to keep drivers on top of it. That means you can stay focused on your business, confident that your driver qualifications are being tracked and you are being kept apprised. AllOne Health® offers both DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing and DOT Physical Exams.


Using our proprietary technology, we can:

  • Combine any other required testing or exams for maximized efficiency, such as those driven by contractual, regulatory, or company policies
  • Provide convenient clinic locations for driver exams through our national network of FMCSA- certified examiners
  • Case manage individual drivers with limited DOT cards due to medical conditions
  • Immediately post a copy of the DOT card for driver and supervisors via the AllOne Health portal

All of our physicians are DOT certified examiners in accordance with the latest FMCSA regulations. And, our proprietary technology automates the processes of drug and alcohol randomization, along with DOT card expiration and driver notification, and compliance exam/testing scheduling.

Travel Health

Our AllOne Health® team is there for you virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Do your employees need to follow special requirements for traveling and working abroad like employee international travel exams?
  • Do you manage the health of an international staff? 

We’ll help keep your employees healthy and safe. The AllOne Health® team is there for you – virtually anywhere in the world – with a global network of affiliated physicians, nurses and other clinical practitioners.

We offer medically appropriate screenings, vaccinations and medical services before, during and after overseas deployment to ensure employees comply with international health requirements, CDC guidelines and company policy.


A Fit For Duty program can prove crucial for employers in keeping a workforce health and improving the bottom line. We combine a detailed knowledge of the jobs at your company, with the medical expertise to make certain that the employees you hire have the capacity to perform the essential functions of their job safely. We start with a detailed assessment of each job’s physical and mental requirements, which we then translate into a specific, customized testing program overseen by our team of occupational health experts. With this combination of analysis & examination, we can help put the right person in the right job at the right time.


We offer a 5 Tiered Toolbox of solutions to address worker fit-for-duty that includes:

  • Non-Regulated Pre Placement Post-Offer Exams
  • Periodic Non-Regulated Medical Exams
  • Return To Work Fit-For-Duty
  • Reasonable Cause Fit-For Duty
  • Medication Reviews
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