Onsite Testing Services

Onsite Testing Services


Worksite Clinic Management

Our comprehensive approach to providing on-site testing and medical services includes the placement of qualified clinicians supported by our experienced AllOne Health® team.


Customized on-site program on a full time or part time basis addressing:

Mobile Testing Services

AllOne Health® will bring healthcare services right to you – right when you need them.
For locations where there is no on-site or near site clinic, AllOne Health® can provide mobile services. Our professional clinicians will arrive at your worksite, equipped to deliver the right level of onsite testing and examinations to satisfy your particular requirements.  As part of our service, you’ll automatically gain access to the benefits of our proprietary software for managing all associated recordkeeping, employee notification and communications.


Typical onsite testing services that can efficiently be delivered by a mobile unit include:

  • DOT exams
  • Drug & alcohol testing
  • Medical surveillance exams and testing
  • Respirator certification
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Hearing tests
  • Laboratory tests
  • Wellness & preventive care programs
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