Change Management

Continuous change is ever present in today’s organizations, both transformational change as well as the more transactional change efforts (think technology). 

Change Management

We offer capabilities, methods and tools to leaders, teams and organizations helping to design, develop, and deliver a change management and leadership plan responding to external or internal changes impacting the team or organization. We will work with you to plan, deliver, and support you to sustain your change efforts.  

Planning Stage: We work together with you to understand your culture, business goals and challenges. Then move to planning for organizational needs, change management strategy and planning for transition.  

Delivery Stage: Partnering with you to align and implement action and communication plans ensuring strategies focus on employee engagement and successful transition.  

Sustainment Stage: Reinforcement and ongoing communication strategies setting you up for long term success.  

Understanding Organizational Development: FAQ

What is organizational development?

Organization Development (OD) is an applied behavioral science that is focused on the organization as a system. OD is a process used to develop healthy, high-performance, self-renewing organizations and successfully manage change and can be used at all levels of an organization. 

What is organizational development concerned with?

  • The health of the organization 
  • Organizational effectiveness 
  • The organization’s capacity to solve problems 
  • The organization’s ability to adapt, change, or of self-renewal 
  • The organization’s ability to create a high quality of life for its employees 

What are the steps involved in an organizational development project?

  1. Needs Identification/Assessment 
  2. Analysis/Findings 
  3. Action Plan Design 
  4. Implementation of Tools and Interventions  
  5. Evaluation 
  6. Knowledge Transfer and Sustainment 

Possible organizational development interventions.

  • Team building for effectiveness and high performance 
  • Strategy planning and development 
  • Intergroup Problem Solving 
  • Conflict management  
  • Facilitation for development 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Whole system performance management 
  • Executive Coaching 
  • OD Process Consulting 
  • Curriculum Development 


What areas can organizational development help with?

  • Leadership & Management Development 
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 
  • Group Work & Team Development 
  • Organizational & Cultural Assessment 
  • Change Management 
  • Organizational Health & Effectiveness 

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