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Tips For A Safe And Healthy Holiday

The winter holiday season is in full swing. This means that decorations are out, traffic... Keep Reading

Managing Stress For Holiday Family Get-Togethers

Holiday family get-togethers can be stressful. All of those old childhood wounds can get reopened,... Keep Reading

Help Manage Holiday Stress With These Coping Skills

Most of us have a few coping skills to help alleviate holiday stress, but do... Keep Reading

How To Be a Courteous Coworker In An Open Floor Plan

Open office plans are today’s norm for most workplaces. Cubicles are long gone as companies... Keep Reading

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HR30 Webinar: Medical Marijuana – Miracle Drug or Safety Nightmare?

This presentation will provide information on the current use of medical marijuana which will include... View Details

HR30 Webinar: The ROI for Medical Care Advocacy

This presentation will provide information on the ROI of Medical Care Advocacy. We will cover... View Details

HR Executive Health and Benefits Leadership Conference

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If you work outside, especially in the winter, there is increased risk of being exposed to extreme cold. Take a look at our 7 tips for working in extreme cold to stay safe this winter:
#winterweather #wintersafety

What happens when an employee has personal problems outside of the workplace that affect their on-the-job performance? An #EAP can be the best solution, see why here:

Five major industries have seen a jump in positive drug tests between 2015 - 2017, a recent analysis has shown.
#drugtesting #occupationalhealth via @SafetyHealthMag

Is #medicalmarijuana a miracle drug or a safety nightmare? That is our topic of discussion on our January HR30 #webinar, led by Dr. Fred Kohanna, VP of Occupational Health and CMO for AllOne Health. The webinar will run from 12pm - 12:30pm on 1/22.

We are currently hiring for a Nurse Specialist - Clinic Review I in our Wilkes-Barre, PA office. Applicants must have an active RN or LPN license. If you are interested, check out the full job posting and apply here:
#jobposting #nursing #rn #lpn

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