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Call 1-800-451-1834 to speak to an EAP professional 24/7.



If you already know the training you need, simply fill out the

EAP Training Request Form

For more information on the services we provide, view here

MIIA 2020 Training Catalog

MIIA 2020 Training List

MIIA – Total Well-Being Packet

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Adapting Through COVID-19: A Moment In Time

Avoiding Conflict Avoidance – 9/22/16

Best Practices in Progressive Discipline – 2/8/18

Creating A Respectful Workplace – 6/22/2020

Cultural Awareness & Diversity – 7/15/2020

Cultural Awareness & Diversity – 8/4/2020

Cultural Awareness & Diversity – 8/11/2020

Cultural Awareness & Diversity – 8/24/2020

Customer Service Excellence – 4/30/2020

Customer Service Excellence – 6/30/2020

De-Escalation and Code of Conduct – 10/19/17

De-Escalation and Code of Conduct – 8/15/19

De-Escalation and Code of Conduct

Dealing With Difficult People – Enhancing Your Interpersonal Skills – 4/23/2020

Dealing With Difficult People – Enhancing Your Interpersonal Skills – 7/14/2020

Diversity and Cultural Awareness – 1/10/19

DOT Drug and Alcohol Awareness For Managers and Supervisors (2/21/2019)

Enhancing Resilience For Educators Returning To Work – 9/1/2020

Expert Communication: Skills for Working Effectively with Others – 7/9/2020

Getting Results Without Authority (9/12/2018)

Got Grit: Enhancing Your Personal Resilience – 8/13/2020

Healthy Employee, Healthy Employer (1/16/2020)

How Not To Take It Personally – 6/14/18

Leveraging Personality Differences On Our Teams – 4/5/18

Making the Most of Constructive Feedback in the Workplace – 3/15/18

Managing Millennials – 2/25/16

Mental Health Awareness – 7/21/2020

MIIA Civility and Inclusion  – 10/8/2020

MIIA EAP Orientation with New Services Overview – 11/14/19

Municipal Driving and Fatigue Management – 12/19/19

Overcoming Departmental Divisions – 4/28/2020

Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination – 9/27/18

Psychological First Aid for Managers – 2/18/2020

Psychological First Aid – 8/6/2020

Reasonable Suspicion and DOT Regulations – 11/17/16

Return To Work Considerations: The People Side of Things – 6/22/2020

Riding The Waves of Workplace Uncertainty & Change – 6/11/2020

School Safety and Crisis Prevention – 10/23/18

School Safety and Crisis Prevention – 10/29/19

The New Science of Stress: Embracing Stress – 12/13/18

The Opioid Crisis: What Employers Need To Know – 1/31/19

Thriving Through Municipal Transition – 9/30/15

Working Effectively With Elected Officials, Appointed Boards, and Committees – 6/15/17

Working Effectively With Elected Officials 

Working Effectively with Constructive Feedback – 5/14/19

Your Relationship To Work: Pitfalls To Avoid – 6/22/18

Anonymous Mental-Health Self-Assessment

Reach us any time at




This free benefit is available to
you and your household and offers:


• Confidential counseling with licensed
mental health providers;

• Free legal and financial consultation with qualified attorneys and financial planners;

• Referrals to resources such as child/elder care, parent support groups, education programs, summer camps, fitness classes, weight loss & smoking cessation programs.

More information for:

EAP General Flyer
EAP Mobile App Flyer
Public Safety Flyer
Municipal Flyer
DPW Flyer
School Flyer
Frequently Asked Questions


Services to support your workplace:

• Management Trainings;
• Professional Development Seminars;
• Team Building Services;
• Management Consultation;
• And Workplace Trauma Response;

To enroll your MIIA member group to receive MIIA EAP services, complete the MIIA EAP enrollment form.

More information for:


Webinar Services Flyer 2018/2019
Supervisory Consultation
EAP Trainings
 –  MIIA 2020 Training List
 – MIIA 2020 Training Catalog
Supervisor Toolkit Flyer
Team Building & Mediation Services
School Programs
Workplace Trauma Response
EAP Enrollment Form

For further information about the MIIA EAP program, contact either:

Or Call 1-800-451-1834 to speak to an EAP professional 24/7.

MIIA logoYour municipality is required to have MIIA’s worker’s compensation coverage, MIIA property and casualty coverage, or MIIA health care coverage in order to be eligible for the MIIA EAP program.

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