The Psychology of Money

This engaging presentation addresses how we think about money and its impact on budgeting and spending in our modern consumer society. Learning Objectives Include: • The Foundation of Financial Wellness • Barriers to Financial Wellness • Money & The Brain • Tips to Improve our Money Management Skills • Apps and Resources

¡No olvides tu vida social!

Equilibrar las responsabilidades del trabajo y la vida hogareña puede ser estresante y dejar poco tiempo para la socialización y las actividades que son para la realización personal y el disfrute personal. Este seminario es para quienes trabajan las 24 horas del día y necesitan recordar la importancia del ocio, la diversión y que las […]

Exposing the Myths and Lies about Mental Health

While the treatment of mental health conditions has advanced greatly in recent years, society’s understanding hasn’t caught up. Even though mental illness is common and treatable, stigmas and misconceptions often prevent those affected from seeking help. We’ll explore the realities and common myths surrounding mental health.

Healthy Living – Navigate Life Transitions

Changes in our personal and professional lives often occur around major life transitions, such as moving, marriage, death and divorce. We all need strategies to make these transitions easier and that is exactly what we will cover in this session.

Celebrating Pride Month: Allyship in the Workplace

The right policies alone cannot shift workplace culture. It is critical that employees become part of the cause and that is where allyship comes in. Research shows allies don’t just influence one person at a time. They inspire others to act as change agents, too, creating a culture of acceptance and support.

Identifying and Addressing Employee Turnover

Our post-pandemic world has brought about “The Great Resignation”, and turnover is at an all-time high. In this session we will explore the root causes of turnover, the impact that turnover can have on your bottom-line and your culture, and how to measure the impact of turnover in your organization. We will focus on concrete […]

Better Well-Being Through Better Perception

While it is true that all communities face mental health challenges, minority communities often deal with more discrimination and stigma that can lead to compromised care.

Boosting Your Brain Power

The brain, like the rest of the body, improves with exercise. Learn simple strategies and techniques for boosting your brain power!

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone and Trying New Things!

Get ready to be inspired and empowered to start venturing out of your comfort zone and reap the benefits of trying new things! This webinar will give you tools and motivation to better: embrace change, challenge yourself in growth, and celebrate WHEN you do get outside your comfort zone or try something new.  You will […]

Cultural Myths in Media: Fact or Fiction

In this session, participants will learn how the media constructs our culture, and the impact it has on our society. The media uses images and resources to engineer these myths and produce emotional reactions in the people who see them. In today's ever-changing world of blogs and online media, participants will be provided the resources […]

Coach your Child to Manage their Emotions

Not all meltdowns are built the same, but those are often the exact moments parents can harness to best model regulation and emotional understanding. This webinar will begin teaching you the tools to get out of those storm cycles, and into patterns that facilitate continued growth and learning for your family.

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