Employers are Expanding Use of Onsite Health Clinics

4 in every 10 companies in the US have an onsite clinics. Why do so many have these worksite clinics, and what are the benefits? Find out here.

posted on 01.26.2016

FMCSA Lowers Random Substance Testing Minimum - Should You?

The FMCSA lowered the minimum percentage of drivers that need to be randomly tested, however it might not be the best option for organizations to lower their testing rates. Find out here why.

posted on 01.13.2016

The Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2015

A preliminary report on the top 10 OSHA violations was recently released. This article takes a look at this top 10 and the aspects of each standard in the top 10.

posted on 01.11.2016