Government Employees Should be Aware of DOT Changes

Late last year two major DOT (Department of Transportation) changes had gone into effect, to view a free webinar about the changes click here, and now those changes are affecting government employees who will be renewing their Commercial Driver’s License(CDL), or new employees applying for a CDL. Most government agencies have been exempt from many DOT requirements. These employees will now be required to have a full DOT exam by a Certified Medical Examiner. This is a critical change for employees of municipalities and government agencies. The first is they have been exempt from DOT exams prior to this change. The second is that individuals, in error, may go and have an exam done by a physician that does not know they need to be certified to issue a card. This will cause delays in getting the individual their card, as they will have to be re-examined by a Certified Medical Examiner. A database has been created that lists all medical examiners that are certified to perform the examinations. All exams being given by certified professionals ensures that a medical standard is created for drivers across the country. The changes will help keep drivers healthy by having a full medical exam performed and catching any potential medical risks.

Avoid any future headaches as a result of these changes by staying up-to-date on all DOT requirements, and find Certified Medical Examiners to perform your employee’s tests.