Scary Incident Highlights Importance of DOT Changes Going Into Effect This Week

A near crisis was averted on a Connecticut highway. How was this potentially deadly situation prevented and what does the DOT have to do with it?

Recently, 2 new DOT changes went into effect.  These changes were designed to prevent dangerous situations, like the one that occurred recently on a Connecticut highway. In a scary situation, a driver of a bus carrying 20 people suffered a seizure while driving down an interstate highway. Thankfully, a quick response by those onboard allowed the group to avert disaster.

An investigation into the incident revealed that the driver had a history of dizziness and fainting. The nature of the driver’s conditions left officials frustrated with the medical clearance process.  ‘‘Drivers who hide critical medical information when applying for a license will not be tolerated by this Department,’’ said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. The DOT medical examination should include a thorough review of the driver’s symptoms and medical history.  These reviews can help identify otherwise undiagnosed medical problems that can present a serious safety concern.

This incident serves as an eye-opening reminder of the importance of the DOT changes that are being enacted.

AllOne Health has been closely monitoring the DOT changes as they go into effect. For a comprehensive over view of the changes click here. For a free webinar, hosted by Dr. Brian Morris an FMCSA Medical Review board member who recommended these changes to the DOT, click here