Regulators Propose New Rule for Railroads That Carry Oil

There has been a recent proposal for stricter regulations for railroads that carry crude oil. This is in response to an 800% growth in revenue for railroads that are hauling crude.

posted on 10.22.2014

The FRA Calls for Psychological First Aid for Railroads

For the years 2010-2013, there were over 45,000 accidents or incidents reported on the nation’s railroads; and, there were nearly 3,000 fatalities.  Although each incident can differ widely in severity and in the number of individuals affected, this data clearly reflects the high-risk, safety sensitive nature of the railroad industry.  As a result of these occurrences and the effects that witnessing or being involved in them can have on a person, the Federal Railroad Administration has passed a new regulation requiring comprehensive support for railroad workers involved in critical incidents

posted on 08.05.2014