Our Own Clinics

In addition to affiliations with 5,000 clinics around the world, AllOne Health owns and operates our own specialized clinic. Please click the link below for directions to our Health Resources Corporation Woburn facility:


Woburn, Mass.

At this specialized clinic we offer a wide variety of services that ensure organizations hire the right person and keep them on the job – safely

Our local clinic offers the following:

If an individual needs multiple services they can be conveniently scheduled for the same visit to save time and money. Associate Corporate Medical Director, Brian Morris, MD, JD, MBA, MPH, a member of the FMCSA Medical Review Board that recommends physical qualification standards for commercial motor vehicle operators, is on-site at this clinic to perform exams. 

Our local clinic serves as an additional resource for organizations and individuals that need occupational health services in the Boston area. However, AllOne Health has a national clinic network of over 5,000 clinics across the world that perform these services, should an organization require a comprehensive occupational health program. AllOne Health provides nearly 1,000 organizations with occupational health services and we have extensive experience in performing these services following industry best practices.