Worksite Clinics

Ultimate convenience.  Ultimate cost-containment.

Could on-site care bring you significant savings in time and money? Research says yes!

Burdened by ER and episodic care costs?  Need to conduct mandatory diagnostic testing?  Do you lose employee productivity due to frequent medical appointments?

You might be pleasantly surprised at the cost-benefit analysis of on-site medical services. Many clients of all sizes have proven that bringing medical services in-house on a full-time or even a part-time basis can enhance productivity while cutting costs and streamlining reporting and record-keeping.

At AllOne Health, we can create a custom on-site program for you that draws on our comprehensive collection of services.

AllOne Health's friendly and professional medical staff (overseen by a medical director who is certified in Occupational Health) often become a familiar part of your team and culture—winning the trust and confidence of employees.  And because they obtain deep familiarity with your company policies and practices, consistent application is assured. The benefits don't stop at costs. Other perks include improved morale, better receptivity toward wellness initiatives and reductions in both absenteeism and "presenteeism."

Want to see some of this research?  Just contact an AllOne Health representative and ask!

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Occupational Health

Making it easy and cost-effective for employers of any size to offer a "perfect match" of Occupational Health services to meet their specific industry needs.


Primary & Episodic Care

Providing medical services like physical exams and injury/illness management to your employees—right where they work.


Total Absence Management

A comprehensive strategy for minimizing the impact of all types of employee absences.


Wellness Services

Keeping workers healthy is three times less expensive than paying for sick ones.


Mobile Testing Services

We'll bring healthcare services right to you — right when you need them.