More information... Better information... And the insight to know what to do with it.

For successful companies to leverage the real value in "big data," they need the right people interpreting the numbers—turning information into insight.  For that, you need analysts who know what to look for and who can clearly translate that insight into reporting that lets managers and clinicians take action.

As a first step in establishing a baseline for your employees' health, AllOne Health closely examines data gathered from various sources such as Wellness Surveys, Health Assessments, Medical and Pharmacy Risk Analyses.  Next, our analysts examine data from the activities and initiatives being used to influence employee health, including: incentive tracking, wellness activity reports and interactions with coaches and clinicians. Finally, AllOne Health analysts look at overall outcomes, taking into account participation levels, financial implications, and risk factors for your employees.

By drawing on such a rich pool of data—the reports you'll receive from AllOne Health are enlightening and practical.