To influence better health, you've got to understand what drives each individual.

Lowering costs and mitigating risk can only be achieved when people take the initiative to live healthier.

To motivate that level of change, it's critical to understand exactly what's possible—and when.

AllOne Health uses a number of proven tools to get the full picture of your employees and determine which investments will provide that maximum cost-benefit return.  These tools include:

Wellness Surveys — Understand, quickly, which programs your workforce will be receptive to, along with the most effective ways of engaging your employees.  See the paths of "least resistance" and build momentum/support by securing easy wins

Health Assessment Analysis — We're able to leverage better response rates and richer data acquisition to reveal lifestyle risk factors that may be driving high costs—and identify the right type of campaigns that can impact key health issues.  We delve deeper to uncover risks missed by claims data alone. Our tools can help you work at the individual level, in order to motivate real change.

Medical Rx Risk Analysis — A window into which conditions and diseases drive your greatest risks can help you target the most effective interventions and strategies.  When some of the most prevalent  conditions are also those that are modifiable through lifestyle choices (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular) you can see the opportunity to really "bend the curve" of your healthcare spend—and improve the long-term health of your people.

Activity Dashboards —  It's easy to monitor which programs are working—and what effect they're having, thanks to AllOne Health's executive dashboards that depict engagement levels and other key metrics.