See where you're ahead of the curve and where you could be doing more.

The success of Wellness Initiatives and Population Health Management can be measured in many ways, depending on the specific priorities of your organization.  For some companies, financial savings represents the primary driver.  For others, they want to create a work environment that reflects the highest standards and goals for a healthy workforce.

To help clients determine how well their efforts are doing, AllOne Health measures client outcomes, each year, across four key categories that represent a "Balanced Scorecard" of healthcare outcomes:

Financial Metrics — How is improved workforce health saving the company money and measurably increasing productivity?

Participation Metrics — How many people are taking advantage of your programs? Do they like it? What if more engaged?

Healthy People 2020 — This national benchmark outlines a ten-year objective for optimal health based on science and evidence. What kind of progress is your workforce making, using these guidelines that track 30 processes?

Risk Factor Metrics — Again, using statistical models for the U.S., how do your programs compare in mitigating the effects of common chronic conditions and costly lifestyle choices?  How do risk groups change, year-over-year?

Using a one- to four-star rating system, AllOne Health will give you both an Executive Summary of your program, and a snapshot of how each element of your program is performing.