Watch your workforce get healthier. See the impact you make—month after month.

It's much easier to support long-term wellness and population health initiatives when you can really see the impact you're having on a regular basis.  Once our informatics point to key areas of focus, you'll want to see that outreach and coaching efforts are having a measurable effect.  This is how we substantiate the impressive ROI numbers that have won us national recognition.

AllOne Health's metrics capture data that demonstrates exactly what kind of difference your programs are making, using measures that make sense to you.  Easy-to-read graphs help managers and senior executives understand how much progress is being made—in bottom-line numbers.

Monthly dashboards clearly document metrics such as:

  • How many employees are engaging with your programs (and who's left to attract)
  • How many employees have completed their Health Assessments
  • The efficacy of targeted chronic condition coaching and initiatives
  • The efficacy of various incentive programs
  • Number of participants: by program, as a percentage of the workforce, etc.

For getting employees to engage in Wellness Programs, many companies find incentives useful.  AllOne Health will help you determine if they could be helpful with your employees—and will track their effectiveness in attracting the numbers of participants that will allow you to achieve the kind of impact you're looking for.  Regular updates allow you to adjust incentives to optimize your investment.