Intermediate Care Management

During serious healthcare crises, an employer can provide real support—and a level-headed approach.

When an employee is newly diagnosed with a chronic illness there are lots of decisions that need to be made—by employees and their families.  Employers have an important role to play too, especially when you can serve as a conduit of sensible information and strategies that make sense. 

AllOne Health's Intermediate Care Management focuses on these episodic situations to ensure that an employee's needs are met—and that strategies with the best chances of success are raised and examined. 

Once enrolled, a program participant receives the following program benefits:

  • Telephonic contact with Health Coaches, who are specially trained health care professionals
  • Information regarding evidenced ­based treatments
  • Educational mailings regarding his/her condition and management of his/her disease
  • Coordination of care with his/her physician, as necessary
  • Scheduled calls from program staff

By providing this level of support, employers can gain some important influence over decisions that have long-term impact on everyone.