Return-to-work Services

When should an injured worker return to the job?  Can you objectively measure a returning employee's abilities?

Getting everyone back to business comes with an experienced team - with the right tools.

Helping an employee return to their job after a long absence can be stressful for all parties.  How do you know they're ready?  Are accommodations needed?  Having the right answers can make a world of difference in a successful transition which benefits the employee and the employer.

AllOne Health has an experienced team that understands the ins and outs of specialized or high-risk job duties and occupations.  We work with you, your returning workers and your human resources staff, rehabilitation specialists, mental health practitioners, and other clinical professionals to get all the timing right and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Services we provide during this stage include fit-for-duty exams, second or third medical opinions, independent medical exams or functional capacity exams.

Our experience in expediting this process has helped our clients benefit from:

  •  Proactive and attentive medical case management
  •  Timely and safer return to work (reduction in liability/re-injury)
  •  Objective, unbiased decisions for benefits qualification

Ask us to show you how your organization could capture some of these same cost and productivity benefits.



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