Injury Triage Services

Better responses at the outset for better outcomes in the long run.

When AllOne Health helps direct your employees to the most appropriate medical care, everyone benefits. Employees have a reliable 24/7 resource staffed by qualified nurses & doctors who can answer their urgent questions as to what type of medical treatment is needed for a given incident, injury, or situation. Then, armed with an in-depth knowledge of their job requirements, our staff can serve as advocates—with various treatment providers—on your employees' behalf.

Employers benefit by connecting covered workers with the right level of care from the outset, whether that means on-site first aid, occupational health clinic, ER visit or referrals to additional types of care providers.  Immediate involvement with a claim provides for maximum control.

AllOne Health can help facilitate communication so that everyone who needs to be informed about the case is appropriately notified (including TPAs and insurers.)  Cases are resolved more efficiently, and workers return to their jobs sooner when they receive the correct treatment & follow-up care.


Triage on job