Family Medical Leave Act Services

Support and accountability for employees during some of their busiest and most significant life events.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a complex federal law that allows qualified employees a job-protected, cumulative absence of up to 12 weeks per year to care for a newborn or family member in-need.  To avoid misapplication or abuse, considerable expertise is warranted in the deciphering and application of guidelines.  This often means monitoring and communicating with your workers at particularly stressful or emotional times.

AllOne Health expertly manages FMLA cases, including complicated absences that warrant special handling, within state, federal, and company guidelines.  We'll keep track of time off, confirm that your employee's execute the right paperwork and manage any required medical correspondence.

We also work with your employees and their doctors to get them back to work at the proper time - as soon as they're safely able - which can often reduce their time away from their jobs.

Throughout, our exceptional communications tool,  OnCourse™, helps everyone stay current as to their responsibilities and status, providing all appropriate notifications and documentation - including clinical information.  We can also partner with many other third-party vendors and technologies for smoother, streamlined processes.

By working with AllOne Health for FMLA cases, you and your staff will spend significantly less time managing requests and tracking leave.  And, by outsourcing, you receive unbiased decisions that avoid the risks of discrimination suits.

Straightforward, legally vetted procedures simplify things for you and your employees, ascertaining eligibility, facilitating intake, and maintaining all appropriate records.


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Find out just how much stress you can relieve, by implementing AllOne Health's FMLA solution. 

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