Medical Surveillance Exams

Does your business rely on compliance with OSHA standards?

Work with AllOne Health, and you'll quickly rest easier, knowing your medical monitoring programs are being handled by the largest—and most awarded—team in the business. With extensive global experience in heavily-regulated industries, we're here to streamline your efforts and to help keep costs under control, by ensuring compliance, boosting on-the-job performance, and reducing liability from injuries and accidents.  Better protection from citations and litigation and tighter controls on year-to-year spending are just a phone call away.

Many highly specialized jobs—everything from environmental clean-up to oil & gas exploration—bring specific health and safety concerns (e.g. require heavy labor, use of personal protective equipment, and exposure to hazards). The AllOne Health team understands, in depth, the right testing for these workers and how best to care for them. 


Smart technology through our OnCourse™ technology solution, lets you set up automated, easy-to-administer processes that dramatically cut the administrative burden around scheduling, notifications, and document management. Access to our global network of credentialed clinics means your employees have access to a qualified provider who understands the needs of your organization. And our combination of top-notch analytics and seasoned medical oversight helps alert you to trends and patterns to support your health and safety efforts.


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