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When you really need to know who's working for you.

Do you work in a security-imperative environment?  Is your business at-risk for frivolous or nuisance legal claims against employees? Do your clients expect background checks to be performed?

Under today's liability laws, it's essential to know exactly who is working for you—with complete and accurate details as to their criminal history, employment and educational backgrounds, motor vehicle record, credit history and medical status. Only AllOne Health provides you with a single-source solution for drug testing and medical exams, along with MVR, criminal background checks and I-9 administration.

We connect our partners through the AllOne Health proprietary software, OnCourse™, to ensure fast turnaround and reduced administrative burden by centralizing recordkeeping and pushing data to a secure client web portal. We provide customized screening panels, ensure FCRA compliance, and adjudicate positive findings using your organization’s policies. We can periodically recheck individuals in safety-sensitive positions to ensure you don’t encounter any new risks.

As part of our comprehensive pre-employment testing capabilities, AllOne Health can assist you in uncovering problems in the fastest and most cost-efficient way, safeguarding your organization from risk.  


Background Screening

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Background Screening Solutions

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