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It's about getting the right people for the job ...and keeping them on the job—safely.

What if you had 100% confidence in your pre-placement screening processes?  What if you could easily schedule and track 100% of your DOT or OSHA-mandated testing?  What if you had a partner thoroughly familiar with your industry's most complex workforce challenges?  We can help with all this—using our cutting edge OnCourse™ solution technology to streamline and centralize the process—and seamlessly tie-in with your HRIS systems.

AllOne Health—the leader in employee medical examinations—can help any sized company implement a cost-effective, comprehensive program, complete with top-notch medical oversight.

Your HR team will tell you how difficult it is to coordinate medical services, pre-placement screening, drug and alcohol testing, along with the associated documentation—especially if your workforce is widely dispersed.  The phone calls and emails alone can be a full-time job. AllOne Health's experience, technology, outreach staff—and our global clinic network—radically simplify the process.

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