Community Referrals

Help your students concentrate on schoolwork, knowing their loved ones are cared for, too.

Providing referrals and support for child- and elder-care can go a long way toward providing value to a student's educational experience.  When they're not worried about how things are going at home, they're better able to stay focused and present on their educational goals.

AllOne Health has strategies and connections with some of the best new options out there for balancing the demand of school and home life, helping you address today's evolving student body.

Available resources include:

  • Child care
  • School and camp options
  • Pre-natal and adoption planning services
  • Adult and elder care assessment and placement
  • Emergency care and special needs support
  • Housing services
  • Training and educational resources
  • Legal and other professional services
  • Discounts on common goods and services 



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