Legal & Financial Services

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Help employees resolve the issues that weigh on them and block their performance at work.

When employees are worried about things like debt or legal troubles, they're unable to focus on very much else.

Many employers have found it valuable to provide some basic assistance through AllOne Health that can dramatically lower the stress associated with these issues.

We can help you facilitate access to financial and legal professionals, along with forms and information that can go a long way toward resolving many of the more common problems your employees may be struggling with, including:

  • Legal
    • Legal Consultation ­ One free 30­minute office or telephone consultation per issue, plus a 25% discount follow-up services billed hourly.
    • Mediation ­ One 30­minute office or telephone consultation plus a 25% discount  follow-up services billed hourly. Typical mediation issues include divorce and child custody, contractual and consumer disputes, real estate and landlord tenant issues, car accidents and insurance disputes.
    • “Do It Yourself” Legal Forms Document Preparation
  • Financial
    • Free telephone consultation with an experienced financial professional or licensed CPA
    • Credit counseling, debt, and budgeting assistance
    • Tax planning
    • Retirement and college planning
  • Fraud Resolution & ID Theft Program
    • Access to highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialists who conducts 10 emergency response activities within 48 hours
    • Assists members with restoring their identity and good credit.
    • Free ID Theft Emergency Response Kit
    • Administers steps to dispute fraudulent debts as a result of ID theft
    • ID theft document preparation (e.g. forms and letters to creditors, credit reporting agencies and regulatory bodies.)
    • Legal or financial counseling related to identity theft issues