Organizational Development

Effective leaders and motivated employees are crucial to the success of your organization.


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AllOne Health offers Organizational Development services through TeamWorks Institute (TWI).  After an assessment, the following three interventions are available:

  1. Mediation - Do you have two or more employees in conflict? Is their trouble causing distraction? A neutral facilitator confidentially helps your employees resolve their differences. The mediator guides the process so that the parties learn to communicate more effectively and promote a healthier environment.
  2. Team Building - Do your teams work well together? Strong teams have leaders who know the value of inspiring a vision and then provide the direction and tools to achieve it. Our programs result in unified teams – the proven key to success.
  3. Executive Coaching - Are any of your leaders competent but ineffective because they come across as insensitive to others? How your managers communicate throughout your organization directly affects productivity. Executive coaching offers a customized plan to teach any leader to be a better communicator.

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