Motivation Factor

How do you motivate yourself, and your employees?

You’ve probably heard someone recently say “I just need to get motivated” or “That just doesn’t motivate me” (Perhaps you were the one to say it). OK, but what is motivation? The quick answer: motivation is deeply personal. Maybe that explains why some organizations who have tried to crack the motivation code have failed. While employers try to appeal to the masses with perks, incentives and resources, not everyone is motivated by on-site daycare, free lunch Fridays or memos from the CEO.

At AllOne Health, we are passionate about employee motivation: both extrinsic (55% of motivation) and intrinsic (45% of motivation). We applaud employers who have worked hard to extrinsically motivate their employee with praise, recognition, feedback, teamwork, transparency, etc. At AllOne Health, we help to tap into intrinsic motivation (the elusive and important other 45% of motivation). We have found a way to help individuals take control and ownership of their intrinsic motivation through the Motivation Factor Methodology. In order to achieve lasting motivation, the Motivation Factor helps individuals:

  • Become aware of and act on the things that drain
  • Understand and assume responsibility for personal needs
  • Actively apply innate talents
  • Become purpose driven in contributions, goals and choices

Based on research and theory the Motivation Factor provides a straight forward method for inspiring immediate and long lasting motivation. It is simple and deeply effective at all levels: individual, team and organizational. AllOne Health is ready to help you raise the intrinsic motivation level in your workplace.

Here’s what others are saying about the Motivation Factor.

  • “Compared to other programs, Motivation Factor provides a much more comprehensive way to re-energize and re-focus a team."
  • “When I first looked at the Motivation Factor program, I immediately saw this was something different. I could see right away that it addressed the complexity of organi­zational goals and human interaction in an elegant and practical way.”
  • “My greatest eye opening experience has been gaining an insight into my own needs and boundaries. At the same time, I have gained an understanding of my colleagues’ needs and strengths…”

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