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Be sure your HR team has the knowledge, tools, and insight to get the most from your workforce.

Does your industry present unique HR challenges that require specialized procedures or additional regulatory requirements? Are your policies optimized to protect your organization's insterests - and take care of your employees? Do your managers have clarity around the various labor contracts and inter-departmental policies that distinguish some parts of your workforce from others?

Examining your HR policies and guidelines - and giving your HR team the right tools and training is an investment in your company that pays huge long-term dividends. And AllOne Health delivers the real-world experience - in the most demanding industries - to make sure you get it all right.

We'll work with managers and HR to provide guidance around defining and documenting performance issues, facilitating constructive confrontation, developing an action plan, and walking management through the EAP referral process.

We'll consult with Senior Management, HR, Health Services, and other company personnel about policies that may relate to the mental health concerns of the organization or its employees.

These may include:

  • The EAP program
  • Sexual harrasment investigations
  • Substance abuse
  • Bereavement
  • AIDS
  • Work and family issues
  • Threat of violence

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