Critical Incidents

Workplace Crises: Decisive action and thoughtful response can make all the difference to your company.

Your response to a workplace crisis can mean the difference between employees returning to previous levels of performance quickly or prolonged impairment.  Training for HR and other personnel about critical incident stress can help you prepare for such occurrences and put appropriate protocols in place.

A well­ orchestrated crisis response will ultimately strengthen an organization's functioning and foster employee trust.

In addition to emergency situations, AllOne Health can provide support for other types of upheaval including:

  • On­site Layoff Support
    • Consultation and support to help manage change or lay­offs and minimize the adverse impact on remaining employees
    • Web-­based training for supervisors on how to manage work groups during a period of change or layoffs
    • Training for employees about managing personal changes
    • EAP counselors can be on­site during the announcement of a reorganization or layoff to assist employees who need it

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