A healthy combination of perspective, talent, and technology.

What if you could be sure you were doing everything possible as a company to control what you spend on healthcare - while maintaining the healthiest workforce you've ever had?  What if staying current and compliant with all applicable employee-health-and-safety regulations was always assured?  What if you could spend less on healthcare benefits while actually doing more for your employees?

AllOne Health is the only resource today that has a proven track-record for comprehensively addressing a company's healthcare-related needs - even in the most heavily regulated indutries.  Our occupational health perspective, combined with truly unique population health and wellness innovations, help you attract and support employees who are: health-concious, properly motivated to take care of themselves, and on-top of their health-related obligations (e.g. D.O.T. compliance).

Even within today's razor-thin operating margins you can achieve better efficiences, fight productivity destroying phenomena such as "presenteeism", and make a positive impact on the health of your workforce and their families.

Using state-of-the-art technology in claims analysis, risk appraisal, and behavioural and attitudinal research, AllOne Health provides a full spectrum of health, wellness, safety, and benefits solutions to solve even the most unusual challenges of our blue-chip client base and the 1.5 million employees they represent.

The 70,000 clinicians, IT professionals, and consultants that comprise the AllOne Health team believe that people today are ready to take greater responsibility for their own health.  As a company we continue to offer innovative solutions to those employers who want to support these individuals at every turn.


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The diverse and deep expertise of AllOne's Senior Leadership helps our clients enjoy a more comprehensive view of how to strategically manage the health and healthcare of their workforce. 



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